Saturday, October 22, 2016

House Hen Of The Week...

...is Rocket, one of our gray Giant Cochin girls.

Rocket has injured her thigh, which I've noticed tends to happen with the heavy breeds once in a while.  They'll jump down off of a roost (even though we purposefully keep all of the roosts low) and tweak their leg somehow, then when they try and sit and heal, the damned roos won't leave them alone long enough for their leg to get better.

So...Rocket is currently hanging out in the house, being a chicken puddle (nothing can puddle like a Cochin), eating cut-up grapes, live mealworms and other tidbits, watching TV and bossing us around by calling us whenever we dare leave the room.  She especially likes to hop over and sit on my foot and purr (she's very talkative), effectively pinning me down so I'm forced to flock.

So far she's being a good girl and staying sensibly on the ground, not trying to hop up on anything and reinjure herself.  She'll likely be OK to return to the flock in a few days, meanwhile she's having a grand time getting spoiled!

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