Sunday, September 11, 2016

Camels & Ostriches & Races, Oh My!

Yup, back to Virginia City for the annual Camel & Ostrich Races!

Where parking is enforced by 50 foot camels & ostriches, apparently.

Since today was September 11th, they had a short memorial ceremony beforehand honoring first responders, it was nice.

Then we were off to the races!  They always shoo the animals out to run the ring first with no riders.  Ostriches are always hilarious, no matter what.

And they're off!

Here ya go, Spartacus rides an ostrich. 
"This is SPARTA!"

Then it was the camel's turn.

Hang on!

Dear God, HANG ON!

Zero guidance system, but have a good time and do it with style, dammit!

Yeah, camel racing mostly seems like an opportunity to whimper, pray and cry for your mommy while 'What a studendously bad idea' runs in your head over and over.

Today's event seemed a bit truncated with not as many races as last year, but we had a grand time anyway.

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