Sunday, April 17, 2016

We Have Embryos!

I candled the Chickem eggs tonight, and while we had 6 duds (all were infertile so never would have developed), the GOOD news is we have 7 eggs with embyos for sure, with another 5 eggs that I *think* have embryos but at 8 days old, it's hard to tell due to the eggshells being so dark.  It's a nice cross section of our flock! 

7 Embryos: 
#3 & 5, which are large, light brown eggs
#8 & 9, large dark brown eggs
#13, a small light green egg--this egg was laid byToaster, a bantam Cochin hen
#15, a small dark green egg
#16 a bantam egg laid by Wiggles, our gray mottled Belgian d'Uccle--Wiggles has actually gone broody and is a candidate for mama!

5 Embryos I *think*:
#1, a large dark green egg
#6 & 7, large light blue eggs
#11, a small light green egg
#14 & 15, small dark green eggs

So we may have as many as 12 chicks hatch!  I'm feeling good about the five 'maybes' having embryos so I'm leaning that way...hatch date is April 29th & 30th!

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