Tuesday, April 26, 2016

On The Road Again...

Time for another trip down highway 395 through the Owens Valley!

Today it was hideously windy, which meant blowing whiteout snow by Mammoth and dust everywhere else, overturned semis and the road getting closed *right* behind me.  It was weird driving for more than 100 miles and not seeing another vehicle.

But I scooted through and made it, had a nice visit with my mom.  The next day when I headed back things were considerably quieter, although the fun billboard for Wave Rave, made entirely of old snowboards, had snapped off in the wind and made the uprights into toothpicks.

And Big Pine is apparently going to be Ground Zero for the Zombie Apocalypse, according to the warning on this billboard.

I enjoy the Banksy-type artwork, but not when it's painted on the cool old abandoned buildings that dot the area.  Sadly a lot of the old buildings are being lost to this and other destructive things people are doing.

But on a happier note, the Give & Take Sculpture Garden in Olancha has a new figure!
The pink belt buckle on his polka-dot shorts says 'EGO'.

In his hands he's clutching some flowers torn out by the roots, a VERY unhappy squirrel, some solar panels (I think) and a dollar sign.

And even if he is eating daintily with one pinky finger extended, Ol' Ego isn't exactly a friend to animals there, as hapless screaming squirrel can attest.

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