Monday, January 4, 2016

Icicle Season Is In Full Swing...

Over the last week or so the snow has persisted and our annual icicle crop is coming along handsomely.  By December 29th, even the chicken run had some fun ones!

You gotta admire Mother Nature's artwork.

I love the pattern in the ice from the hardware cloth.

And the Icy Hand Of Death icicle!

The small run was working on some larger ones.

Once in a while one would fall and leave interesting bits.  We closed the door and kept the chickens out so they wouldn't become chicken kabobs.

The ice on the house is just getting started.

But two days later on New Year's Eve, they were coming along nicely.

Looking decidedly more serious, especially that bad boy on the end, there.

By today I think we've reached maximum icicleness.

And the Icicle King is now 4 feet long and we worry about the dog walking under it.

These pictures also remind me of one of the many Springtime jobs awaiting us...repainting the eaves.

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