Thursday, December 24, 2015

Let It Snow! Like You Have Any Choice...

Just in time for Christmas, we got about a foot of snow today.

Needless to say, the chickens are unhappy and camped in the coop, refusing to come out.  But the sparrows did, and attacked the food block out front (which is quickly disappearing).

Poor little feathered snowplows were chest-deep in snow.  Not that they minded, because FOOD.

The were joined by the Dark-Eyed Junco on the right, who glared at me for taking a picture when he was trying to eat.

Later, after they'd left, I went out and shoveled off the walk (and my car), the stuff is still coming down but ya gotta try and keep pace with it.

But it's pretty with the Christmas decorations!  The Lavender Twist Redbud showing off it's best 'Charlie Brown Tree' form.

Snow on the little plastic ornaments...

And on the spiky light-ball things hanging off the corner of the house.

It's lovely powdery snow, perfect for skiing...or snowball fights...hmm...

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