Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Flowers And Dresses...

More origami!

Lately it's been more of the cute little doily dresses...

And some flowers...not sure what to call these.  The spikes are vintage wrapping paper.  The purple paper I decorated with some gold foil designs, then gave a light mist of gold.  The flowers started out as another witch ball kusudama, but after putting them together I decided that the purple & gold paper was too pretty to hide inside a kusudama ball, so they kinda morphed into Victorian-looking flowers.

I strung them on monofilament so they'll be hanging flowers, at that.  Not sure where they are going from here, I have to stand back and look at them a while and think about it.  I'm thinking they'll be another mobile of some sort, but what I'll eventually put with them I don't know yet, maybe some of the doily dresses. Gotta wait till the flowers tell me what the Hell to do next.

They'll let me know when they're ready, I guess!

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