Monday, November 16, 2015

New Origami Models!

Been working on some kusudamas, compass stars and other models lately.

Witch balls! These are from a diagram created by Tomoko Fuse, they are constructed by being sewn together in the traditional way.

On this one I overdyed the black paper with a pink glitter wash.

This one includes the heavy, gold-accented paper from India I overdyed the other day with shades of purple and blue.

A closer look...I love this paper.  The almost fabric-like quality of it takes up the color really well.  The black & white paper has been overdyed with a gold glitter wash.

This one includes some beautiful vintage wrapping paper with shades of rich creme and several blues.

Another kusudama model, this one in a compass star pattern.

More vintage wrapping paper, paired with the gold-washed black & white paper.

 The compass star again, made with a very fragile pink and gold vintage wrapping paper from the 1950's.

The blue paper is made in Florence, Italy by Rossi and has heavy gold accents, the color is brilliant and saturated. The design dates from The Renaissance.

A four-pointed star folded from a doily, with a second layer of gold.

More of the overdyed with gold, black & white paper for the smaller star.

A variant of the compass star model, this one folded with some gorgeous paper that my sister gifted to me.

This paper is overpainted with pink, white and purple glitter accents, the pictures truly don't do it justice.

And lastly another star folded from the same pattern, this one made from a heavy gold-accented paper from India, it also has a fabric-like quality to it and deep, rich colors that are dyed into it and painted on.

I like to mix my papers up in unexpected ways, it's surprising how well something like wrapping paper and specialty paper work together!

Now to get to folding with those 1970's waterproof fishing maps I found at the church rummage sale a couple of months ago...

...nothing is too weird to use!

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