Sunday, November 15, 2015

If You Place A Huge Food Block, They Will Come

And boy, did they ever this afternoon!  A few minutes ago the snow had started, which prompted a sudden quail influx.  I looked up from my desk and saw this:

They stuck around even after I started taking pictures, the snow must have triggered a mass 'OMG EAT' reaction in the quail. I will say that at this moment it's snowing pretty hard, so they were right.

There was lots of pushing, shoving and burbling amongst themselves, there were about 25-30 quail in the yard.

Queen of the food block:

Little man standing on his tippy-toes on the left to reach the best seeds, hen on the right in the back pulling a great 'herp-derp' face.

They hung around for a good 10-15 minutes chowing down before a car going by startled them and off they flew.

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