Saturday, September 26, 2015

The Scariest Time Of Year...

And it's *not* Halloween.

Around here, it's molting season.  Pumpkin leads in the headlong stampede to lose all your feathers...

Yes, that's *one* lone tail feather left hanging dismally off her butt.

Not to be outdone, Rambo horns into Pumpkin's photo session and shows off HER fright outfit.

I admire her thoroughness in literally molting head to freakin' toe.

Then she ran off like some guy being chased by a 60 Minutes news crew.

Alice shows off her naked pink chicken skin...

As does Pie.

...so now you know what a chicken tail looks like without the tail.  Or any other surrounding feathers. Or dignity.

Give her a week and she'll be a chicken again, I swear she will.

Pele wins for most shocking, though.  From this angle, not so bad, right?


Those naked legs...

Jesus, I'd run and hide, too.

Rambo consoled herself later on by partaking of the Chickam pumpkin.

...but emerged long enough to shoot me a glare that clearly said, 'Enough with the camera, already.'

I wisely took the hint and split.


  1. When my birds get all needly I want to cuddle them -extra- hard because they feel SO WEIRD under my fingers. There's a lot of violating of personal space going on in my yard 'round moulting season. I need my Buttface girl (5yo SLW hen) to do a hard moult here pretty soon. She's looking terribly ragged and dingy and I keep having to remind myself that it's just feathers which didn't fall out last year.

    1. It's like petting a grumpy porcupine, isn't it?