Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Meanwhile, In Nevada...

Things are getting freaky-deaky!

Our sky this afternoon, the mammatus clouds are back...

This apparantly opened some kind of portal which Seagoat took advantage of.

Buttercup. too.

...and little Fries had to come stomping out of the coop to let me know she's broody.

And quickly assumed the position, The Broody Sphere.  After pecking my shoe and chasing some chicks, the Broody Ball went back to her nest.
Good girl!


  1. Okay "broody sphere" is the best way I have -ever- heard that described. I love that broody sphere. They have to come screaming out of the coop in a full-on broody psychosis. "I came out here to kick some ass and eat some pellets and my crop is FULL, bitches!"