Monday, May 25, 2015

The Chicks Are Two Months Old And Are Going OUTSIDE, Hurrah!

...because the only thing better than having 22 chickens in your house is having 50 in there.

So yeah, we've been kinda waiting for this day.  But before they get booted out into the cold, hard world, it's picture time!

Again.  Needless to say, some of the chicks were thrilled with this.

Hatch A first!  By now all of the chicks have their adult color & feathering in, so it's easier to tell parentage and play 'Spot The Rooster'.

Ninja, a rooster.  Ninja, despite having a bantam mother, has grown up into quite the big boy.

Jimmy, a snazzy little bantam Belgian d'Uccle who *might* have Mushroom the bantam Cochin for a daddy.  Right now I'd say Jimmy is a hen.

Jimmy posed for a 'derp' shot to prove that she has a few white feathers under her chin to give her a *tiny* white beard.

Snakefast, who seems to be a hen and have a Barred Rock mama & Cowbell daddy.

Eureka, a hen who may have Pie for a mama.

Ham, a roo who is gigantic and friendly to a fault.

Blossom, an Easter Egger/Silkie mix hen.

I don't know *what* Blossom chose to rub her head in prior to picture time, but I suspect she got too closely involved with the corn on the cob.

Here Kitty Kitty, a very pretty little Silkie mix rooboy.

Yep, those tell-tale Silkie roo head streamers are starting to sprout, despite Kitty's obvious skepticism.

Tuxedo, Silkie mix sister to Blossom.

Tuxedo also loves corn.

Theodore Roostervelt, Silkie mix brother to Here Kitty Kitty.

Theo managed to keep his head poof clean, at least.

Hatch B!
Toaster, who required holding in place because she kept running off.

Diane, another rooboy. As he gets older he's getting more and more black feathers creeping in.

Pluffy, a very pretty rooboy.

Chicken Pox, who is finally calming down to a sweet girl.

Maybe Chicken Pox's face fluffies are mellowing her out.

Bubbles, a little hen who is looking more and more like a triple-dipped Easter egg with her gray head, creme neck and reddish body.

Sushi, a snappy little rooboy who is going to be a bantam like his daddy, who seems to be Bloop.  He wouldn't keep his mouth shut during picture time like daddy, too.

Tingle, a very sweet hen with River the New Hampshire for a mom.

Tikka, one of the 5 light Brahma mix rooboys.

Cluckadorkle, a sweet, fluffy girl.

Seagoat, who is shaping up to be a roo.

Kevin the roo--STILL doing the 'boneless chicken' thing, fer the love of Mike.

Sprinkles, basically a copy of Chicken Pox without the face fluffies.  These girls wouldn't want to be TOO matchy-matchy.

Buttercup, the last of the 5 white rooboy crew.

The adult chickens took the new kids in stride, with only a minimum of stink eye for me and new-chick hazing.  Now we have to decide which of the hens we'll keep, and rehome the rooboys and any extra hens...never our favorite part of Chickam, but it has to be done.

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