Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Chicks Are One Month Old!

And that means it's picture time!

Whether *certain* chicks want to or not.
First is Hatch A, hatched March 20th (give or take a day).  I've listed parentage if I know it or have a guess.  The green food color spots on some of the chicks are to help us ID them.

Ninja, a bantam rooster chick.  Mama was a bantam hen, daddy looks to be Frosty, our 1/2 Americaunas roo.

Jimmy, another bantam.  Mama was a bantam hen (likely Skillet or Bruce, black mottled d'Uccles), daddy I'm not sure of but may have been Mushroom, our bantam Cochin roo or Cowbell.

Snakefast, possibly had Alice or Linc, our Barred Rock hens for mom.  Daddy looks like Cowbell, our 1/2 Americaunas roo.

Eureka (or Eushreeka as we've taken to calling her, criminy she's a drama queen!), a hen.  Eureka required propping up during picture time.  Possibly has Pie, our buff Brahma/Americaunas mix hen for mom.

Ham, a large rooster chick.  Mama seems to be one of our light Brahma mix girls.

The next 4 chicks hatched from eggs I got off ebay!
Blossom, a lovely Easter Egger/Silkie mix hen.

Here Kitty Kitty, another Silkie mix roo.

Kitty has a cute face and the beginnings of a ridiculous head poof.  Since he's still a peep, right now it's more of a 'peef', though.

Tuxedo, sister to Blossom.

Tuxedo got judgemental during picture time.

Theodore Roostervelt, brother to Here Kitty Kitty.

Next is Hatch B, hatched March 27-ish.
Toaster, a little bantam chick.

Toaster was very vocal in his displeasure of picture time.

Diane, another roo with a light Brahma mix mama. As picture time progressed the propping-up thing just got more ridiculous.

Pluffy, another chick with a bantam mama.

Chicken Pox, the Americaunas mix female chick named by our Chickam mascots, the kindergarten class in Georgia!  We believe her mama is Jellybean, our Americaunas mix hen.

Bubbles, a very fluffy little chick, she may have Zip, our Red Star hen for mama and Weedcat, our splash Giant Cochin roo for dad.

Sushi, mama was an Americaunas hen, daddy appears to possibly be Bloop, our Belgian d'Uccle bantam roo.

Tingle, a very friendly little hen who may have had River, our New Hampshire hen for mom.  Now--even though Tingle is normally friendly, she was being a total butt during picture time and required holding in order to get any picture of her...and she chose to poo at the *worst* possible moment.  And yes, this was the best picture I was able to get of her.
It's just really unfortunate that it looks like she's a squeezable-poop-dispenser-in-action here.

Tikka, another light Brahma mix roo.

Cluckadorkle, a large chick.


I asked her, and she said she was. Criminy, with all the yelling, I believed her.

Kevin, a Giant Cochin mix who totally relaxed and insisted on doing that annoying 'boneless chicken' thing during picture time.
Yeah, makes for great pictures.  For crying out loud.

Sprinkles, sister of Chicken Pox and another daughter of Jellybean, our Kraienkoppe mix hen.  Both Sprinkles and Chicken Pox have the *exact* same personality as Jellybean and nearly identical markings & body shape.

Buttercup, yet another light Brahma mix roo.  Strangely, all 5 of the white with black tail/cape chicks turned out to be roosters.

That's all 22!  One more month and they go outside with the big chickens!

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