Wednesday, April 1, 2015

...It's Also A Tasty Snack!

So today we sent the kid off to school with a prank I dreamed up.

It occured to me that nasty, stinky salmon egg fishing bait and little fruit-flavored boba balls look freakin' identical.

We went out for dessert the other night, and one of the employees at our local frozen yogurt place laughed and gave us some boba balls when I explained what we wanted to use them for.

Would the kid like to take salmon eggs to school and chow down on them in front of her friends?
Why yes, she answered eagerly, yes she would!

Luckily the salmon egg jar harbored no trace of the bait once it was washed out.

We'll just transfer the boba balls into the bait jar...

Yeah baby, there ya go!

As an added bonus, the blue lettering along the outer band of the lid says 'Not for human consumption'.  I suggested to the kid that at break time she whip out the jar, point to the lettering and declare loudly, "I don't know why it says 'Not for human consumption' on it, it tastes fine to me!" and then start hoovering the things down, only pausing long enough to offer some to her horrified friends.

So off she went to school this morning, salmon egg time bomb safely tucked into her back pack.  Since trout fishing is a major pastime in our area, everyone around here knows what salmon eggs are and what they're supposed to be used for.

Can't wait to hear the results.  Ah, ya gotta love April Fool's Day.

UPDATE:  Well we couldn't have asked for better results!  The kid pulled it on a bunch of her friends, all of her teachers and two librarians.  Her friends were shocked & grossed out, the librarians were calmer but still loudly voiced doubt that she should be eating those, the teachers reacted well.  Her Agriculture teacher actually SCREAMED and tried to knock the jar out of her hands, scared the Hell out of that poor woman.  The key was that everyone instantly recognized what the salmon egg jar was and what the eggs were supposed to be used for.

Hurray for pranks custom-tuned for your area!

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