Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thar Be Chickens Here! Again!

So we went to a local appliance store and scored some boxes...

 Which I then spent about 6 hours whacking up and assembling into a brooder box that takes up half the freakin' house, or seems to.

Just in time, because we have two little bantams that jumped the gun and hatched yesterday, even though the hatch isn't *officially* supposed to start until tomorrow!

We got them settled today into the brooder box, along with the traditional flamingo lamp for warmth and one of the kid's stuffed animals to cuddle with as a psuedomom.   The black thing on the left is the webcam.  Needless to say, the cam will have to relocate to safer, higher ground once the chicks get stronger and start to climb around.

Ninja is the little blond one, Jimmy is the black and creme colored one.  You can watch them on our Chickam UStream channel, here:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/chickam2008

They are both nice and strong, although Jimmy was an assisted hatch after having become shrink-wrapped in the membrane of her egg from pipping too early and not *really* being ready to hatch yet.

Ninja, meanwhile, entertained herself by sitting on Jimmy's head.

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