Sunday, March 15, 2015

Oh My GOD, What Have I Done?!

Final candling and embryo count!

OK, so for both hatches, one for this coming week (the 20th & 21st) and next week (the 26th & 27th) we have a total of 35 embryos!

It breaks down like this: For Hatch A, this coming Friday & Saturday, there are 20 Embryos, 6 hatching Friday the 20th (Group A) and 14 hatching Saturday the 21st (Group 2).

For Hatch B, next week, there are 15 Embryos, 8 hatching Friday the 26th (Group 1), and 7 hatching Saturday the 27th (Group 2). Just to liven things up a bit, one of the eggs in Group 2 (it's gigantic!) may be a double yolker and have TWO embryos, I'll have to watch it. Also, there are two additional eggs in Group 2 that I'm unsure of, and may hatch, adding to the ridiculous pile of chickens.

Not all of the embryos may make it, so the final hatch may be smaller, but so far everything is going smoothly.

We have ONE broody hen right now...it's Sophie, the little Sicilian Buttercup/bantam Cochin mix hen...and no, she can't possibly cover all the chicks so she cannot be mama. Still hoping one of the big Cochin or Brahma girls will go broody before the hatch, though! The entire flock is full-on Springtime twitterpated so there's a chance.

Once the hatch starts, we'll start up the webcam and Chickam UStream channel, here:  Chickam 2015!

Even though the hatch is *expected* to begin on Friday the 20th, bantam eggs have a nasty habit of hatching early, haha, so I'd start checking the UStream channel from time to time on the 19th.  If you tune in and see eggs, it means the hatch has begun!

Holy crap. Pardon me, gotta go and build a *BIG* brooder box.

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