Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fun With Chickens, Peewee Edition

So you know, ya just can't take chick pics without messing with them a little bit.

So out come the props.  First is a little metal truck that held goodies at Christmastime.  Once we realized what a great chick prop it would make we had to hang on to it, of course.

There's no way it could have held all 22.

Eureka seized the opportunity to live up to the Chicken Mantra and got her head momentarily caught in the thing.  Luckily she wasn't hurt.

Jimmy and Toaster are suspicious of whatever the Hell this thing is.

...but were even less pleased with the cupcake liner ballerina skirts.

'What...what am I--?  A turkey?!'

'OK, so I'm either a turkey or a peacock.  Screw it.'

Blossom (on the left) and Tuxedo accepted theirs a bit more gracefully, although Blossom was giving me stinkeye strong enough to peel paint.

Yeeaahhh...there it is.

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