Friday, March 27, 2015

Chickam 2015 Chick Lineup!

Hatch A, 9 Chicks
Listed In Order Of Hatch
#40  Ninja--buff Bantam
#39  Jimmy--black Bantam with buff bib/belly
#31  Snakefast--black Americaunas mix with silver
#33  Eureka--buff Americaunas mix with brown/gray back stripe, large with fluffy cheeks, feathered feet
#34  Ham--large buff Americaunas mix, feathered feet, vulture hocks.
#10  Blossom--beautiful stripey black-buff-brown Easter Egger/Silkie, 5 toes
#9  Here Kitty Kitty--buff with dark back stripe Silkie mix, 5 toes
#11  Tuxedo--Dark with a silver/brown belly, very fluffy, Easter Egger/Silkie, 5 toes
#6  Theodore Roostervelt--reddish-gold with a dark back stripe, Silkie mix, feathred feet, 5 toes green spot on right thigh.
Hatch B, 13 Chicks
Listed In Order Of Hatch
#60  Toaster--buff bantam with grey back & head stripes
#51  Diane—large blond chick, fluffy face, smooth leg
#59  Pluffy—Brown-red/grey bantam, fluffy face
#47  Chicken Pox—Pretty reddish-brown Americaunas, blue spot right thigh, named by kinders
#52  Bubbles—very large blond with fluffy face, feathered feet, reddish head, dark wing spots, small dark head stripe, green spot on back
#48  Sushi—black bantam with silver-grey belly
#57  Tingle—Very large reddish-blond with dark backstripe, green spot on left thigh
#54  Tikka—large blonde with a thin dark headstripe, blue spot left thigh
#56  Cluckadorkle—large blond with a hint of red, faint grey head/backstripe, feathered feet, red spot on back
#62  Seagoat—Krainkoppe mix, reddish-brown, feathered feet
#55  Kevin—gray Giant Cochin, red head, feathered feet
#50  Sprinkles—smallish red-blond-grey Americaunas
#53  Buttercup—large blond, blue spot on back

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