Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chick ID Guide!

To help everyone tell who's who with the chicks, here's a little guide with how they look so far.  Of course, this'll change in a week or so when they start to feather out! 

Hatch A 
Listed In Order Of Hatch 
Handy Chick ID Guide! 
#40  Ninja--buff Bantam
#39  Jimmy--black Bantam with buff bib/belly
#31  Snakefast--black Americaunas mix with silver
#33  Eureka--buff Americaunas mix with brown/gray back stripe, large with fluffy cheeks
#34  Ham--large buff Americaunas/d'Uccle mix
#10  Blossom--beautiful stripey black-buff-brown Easter Egger/Silkie, 5 toes
#9  Here Kitty Kitty--buff with dark back stripe Silkie mix, 5 toes*
#11  Tuxedo--Dark with a silver/brown belly, very fluffy, Easter Egger/Silkie, 5 toes
#6  Theodore Roostervelt--green spot on right thigh, reddish-gold with a dark back stripe, Silkie mix, 5 toes*

*These two may be going to be difficult to tell apart, so Theo lost the coin toss and got a green food color spot. 

Kitty, Tuxedo and Theo are stil in the incubator drying out for now, but they'll be moved to the brooder box with the rest of the chicks by tonight. 

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