Sunday, January 4, 2015

Dog Shaming

I was putting together some kusudamas last night--sewing the modular components together--and had gotten up to add more wood to the fireplace.  I had literally gone three steps and turned back to look, even though I was only away from my project for a second and it was on a high table.  I swear that dog sprinted for the damned thing the instant my back was turned.

So, Dusty earned herself a neck sign today.

Damned dumb dog, she's lucky I turned around and caught her.  Also lucky that the needle had fallen off of the thread, which I ended up having to pry her mouth open and go spelunking for.  Nothing like yanking a wad of dog-spit-covered thread out of an unwilling dog mouth while scanning said mouth for a needle.  The kid found the needle on the floor, thank God, so the dog was spared a trip to the vet's office.

The kid insisted on making her a neck sign, though Dusty realized it was not a Good Thing and didn't really want to get her picture taken with it.

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