Saturday, November 15, 2014

It Is Useless To Resist...

...Bantam Cochins.

Last night was the kid's Ag class annual turkey dinner.  The kids provide the turkeys they raised, slaughtered, processed and cooked themselves, everyone else just brings a side dish and we all have ourselves a great dinner and meet other parents.  It's fantastic.  So I made a huge vat of sausage-walnut dressing and off we went.

After dinner the kid's Ag teacher comes over.  She has a pair of bantam Cochin hens that need rehoming out back in the school coop, do we want to buy them for 5 bucks a pop?

She knows suckers when she sees them.

So, we went for turkey and came back with chicken.

Molly is the pure bantam Cochin on the left, Sophie on the right is half Sicillian Buttercup/bantam Cochin.  Sophie has some Buttercup markings and just a *hint* of a Buttercup comb, and is quite the talker.

Molly obligingly posed for the obligatory 'Derp' shot.  It's a Cochin's job to be a round puffball.

They are both very sweet and the flock accepted them nicely!

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