Sunday, November 9, 2014

Fun With Poultry

Pele, one of the hens hatched last year, has decided she's tired of being a white hen and is changing to...well, taupe, of all things.

The molt has begun.  The old white feathers on their way out...

A few days later, as new feathers start coming in, the color change is evident.

...and more...

At this stage it's finally safe to *gently* pick her up to take pictures.
I think she chose her new color well, she's very striking!

The other chickens mill around at picture time.  Some cooperate and pose nicely, others not so much.  I never plan on taking pictures of certain birds, it just works out however it works out.

Pie in the sky!

Jellybean looking beautiful and showing off her Kraienkoppe cape.

Daphne being wise and starting to grow winter feathers.

'Pompdour?  Hey, Pomps...?'
Can't talk.  EATING.

Oh, well.  I know, I'll get some shots of Pumpkin!  Hey, Pumpkin!

No, Pumpkin, hold still!

Oh, forget it.

Frosty at least cooperated.

No, Pumpkin, photobombing doesn't count.

Fries and Bloop looked great.

And Burger was looking VERY dignified and grand.

Also clean, for a change.

Hanging out in front of the feed shed so she wouldn't accidentally miss out on any food.

Bloop's sons, Buzzard and Cowbell are growing up nicely.  Buzzard has some nice spangles coming in on his pantaloons.

And Cam is looking handsome!

Finally, in the end Pumpkin took pity on me and posed very prettily.

Silly chicken.

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