Saturday, October 4, 2014

Meet The New Rooster!

Hey, we got a new rooster today!  He's a big guy but very quiet and docile.

The Halloween store had all kinds of 'zombie creatures--cats, rats, deer, squirrels, rabbits, gnomes--and lawn flamingos.  When we saw the zombie rooster we just KNEW we had to have it.

The chickens got to meet the new guy, they were certainly less than thrilled.  Cam, especially, gave it a hard stare and stretched his neck out as far as it would go.

Cam keeping his distance, along with a few of the girls...

Frosty the roo, on the left, was a bit braver.

The girls eventually decided that the new roo was weird, but harmless.

Once I tossed some fresh spinach down next to him, the older girls got right in there to eat.  The old ladies were mostly all 'Meh.'  They have spent years surrounded by the kid's plastic dinosaurs, so nothing fazes them at this point!

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