Monday, August 11, 2014

New Fencing!

Today the guys from Florence Fence showed up bright and early, and they brought a backhoe with them!  Goodbye, craptacular old field fencing!

They estimated that the job would take about a week, and they said they concentrate on the perimeter fence first out of consideration for our neighbors, which they did.  We were right, the old wooden posts just kinda fell over when they leaned on them a bit.

New chain link fence posts going in.  We gave up a small amount of real estate to our neighbors all the way around.

The old wire they hauled away.

One of my neighbors had asked for the old wood posts, I think she has a project in mind for them.

It's really weird seeing the property without fencing.  This is the back of the property where the old crazily-leaning field fence and gate used to be.

The poor fence guys did have to take a break for about 20 minutes when the thunderstorms and hail moved in for a bit, then they were right back at it.  By the end of the day the old fencing was gone and the new was ready to go in!

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