Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Fence, Day Two

Day two of the new fencing saw the return of the Bobcat, this time with a giant fuck-off auger to dig postholes.  Take THAT, rocks!

Not to say that they didn't put up one Hell of a fight--that Bobcat twisted and bucked and sometimes didn't have all of it's wheels on the ground.  But the postholes got dug!

Another advantage to the Bobcat running around was it's ability to grind any die-hard weeds into bits.

The section on the right will be my future raised-bed vegetable garden.

The yard, just to be polite, obligingly barfed up some yardgarbage for us.
It's a hubcap!

The garden area again, looking towards the chicken yard and house.  We'd like to run electrical out to the chicken coop for lights and heat in winter, plus an outdoor electrical outlet back here would be spiffy.

Another look at the garden area.  We will still have to run pipe for a hose bib or two out here (winter weather/water pressure permitting), right now the only one is by the back door of the house, and that's a loooong stretch to get out here.

It's gettin' there!

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