Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Fence, Day Three

The chain link went up today, yay!

Looking from the existing double drive gates towards the back of the property.

The new partition with the double drive gate openings. We wanted a straight shot through from the existing drive gates to the new ones.

The new partition with the walk gate opening and chain link ready to go up. We left room to drive around the back of the chicken coop/run.

The partition again, with the top rail attached and the retaining rod along the bottom.  The partition fence is 5 foot, the perimeter fence is all 6 foot.

Looking back towards the house from the future garden area along the fence.  It's soooooo shiny!

The chain link along the very back of the property ready to go up, the trail behind the houses is beyond.

One of the back corners all laid out.

We decided to keep a walk gate to the trail.  No more craptacular falling-down joke gate, yay!

Looking from the future garden area through the walk gate opening towards the coop and house.

Where the garden partition fence meets the perimeter fence.

Looking through the garden gate opening towards the trail gate opening.

NOW it's finally possible to really see what we've been planning (and hoping works out).  We put a lot of thought into the layout, trying to foresee any future problems or needs, and I think we did pretty well!  I hope...

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