Monday, July 28, 2014

What A Drag!


Today was 'Drag the Yard' day, so we got some chain, grabbed one of the huge old railroad ties out back and strapped it to the Jeep.  Now that the Hell-begotten junipers and their stumps are gone, we are down to things like tumbleweeds, nettles, bullheads, etc.  Plus the requisite half a cubic ton of trash, some of which continues to surface after every hard rain like a gift from Satan.

So, around and around we went.

The weeds laughed and merely looked well-groomed.

Hmmm...OK, a few more rounds of dragging, doing our best to avoid the little orange cable TV flag markers.

Better...but we still had lots to contend with.

Not to mention the crap in the corners that the drag couldn't reach.

We also tried to avoid the white marker paint the fence guys had put down.  This is where the divider fence for my raised bed vegetable garden will go.

The railroad tie could only do so much, so we switched to a chunk of scrap chain link weighted with cinder blocks to try and rip the weeds out. 

The bag of chicken food in the back of the Jeep just gave it more traction.

The chain link finishes what the railroad tie started.  Kind of.

Round and round we go.
Vroomy vroom vroom!

MORE WEIGHT!  Time for some of those damned rocks to earn their keep.

The chickens were going insane because here we were scratching with another big autochicken and they couldn't join in.

Pretty soon we went full bore and used chain link, cinder blocks, rocks AND railroad ties.  This did the trick!

...except those damned corners.  I see some hand clearing in my future. But hey, at least the bulk of the ground is cleared enough so that the fence guys won't kill themselves.

What won't I not miss about the back part of the old field fence.  One stiff breeze and the thing is toast.

Especially the gate.  The gate is like the crowning joke.  Held kinda-shut by rusty baling wire, the rocks help hold it in place and we pray they keep the larger critters out.

Niiiiccee.....I especially like how the latch doesn't come within 4 inches of the gate.  Helpful!

The yard did it's requisite weird shit barfing.  This damned thing was ridiculously sharp.  Husband says it's a chunk of spiky metal that acts as a roofing cap.

It looks like someone's rototiller got ahold of it.  The kid said she could wear it on her fist as defense against bullies.  While I agree that high school can be tough, that might be taking things a *bit* too far.

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