Monday, July 28, 2014

New Origami!

A few new folds for the upcoming road trip the kid and I are taking next month.  Since we'll be going up Highway 1 on the southern and central California coast, seashells with pearls (I know I KNOW, scallops don't make pearls.  Artistic license, baby!) and a new fold for me--seals.  I altered the model a bit on the flippers and tail to be more seal-like.  The seals are a bit derpy looking since it takes me a bit to get new models folded smoothly and get my act together, but they'll do.

Also, another of my very own folds--leaves!  Kind of a modular stylized maple leaf in this case.  I plan on making one large and one small leaf in the same or complimentary paper and stringing them on cord so they can be draped over branches and whatnot.

The thicker paper was a bit of a bear to fold but sure looks pretty.  The thinner tissue tends to curl up a little so I'll have to figure out a way to reinforce it some.

Anyway, these will be left next month as we wend our way from home, down Highway 395 through the Owens Valley to southern California, up the coast, into Yosemite and then home!  I've been promising the kid a road trip all summer as a reward for all of the heavy work we've been doing around here so she's *just* about to explode with anticipation.

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