Friday, April 11, 2014

Oh Good, Another Project

Because we don't have enough to do, today we started attacking the front yard, which is a Dandelion Wonderland but also a huge eyesore.

Partly thanks to half-dead Treething, which we've been trying to vain to get to do something.  Grow.  Die.  Anything.  Instead it's been hovering in some zombie tree netherworld somewhere in between ever since we moved in.

Time's up, it's right outside the front windows so we see it every single time we look out and I'm sick of it--it had it's chance and has to go.  As near as I can figure it is--or was--some kind of acacia.  It would spit out a few half-hearted leaves and never flowered or did anything else remotely attractive.  It will be replaced by one of my little Arbor Day Foundation tree sticks, a River Birch.  Which--eventually--should be a very pretty multi-trunked tree.

The current square planter, made of ohsoattractive rotting wood, I hope to eventually replace with a knee-high rock planter capped with some flat-topped cement wall cap material, the wide kind you can sit on.  Put some of the ten million rocks on the property to good use.  I have some miniature daffodils that my mom gave me that will go around the river birch once it's in.

The lawn--or lack of it--is yet another project for another day.  We're thinking a good rototilling and reseeding will take care if it and the back 'lawn' (ahaha) as well.

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