Friday, April 18, 2014

Latest Origami!

Lately I've been folding some flowers, snails, fish, butterflies, pigeons, bunnies and these, spirals.

I made large spirals from 3 inch paper and smaller ones from 2 inch paper.  Some of them have accents of colored wire wrapped around them along with different types of glass, metal or wood beads and embroidery cord for hanging.  This group is made from vintage wrapping paper, manga and a Susan Branch cookbook.

These three are made from an atlas, a comic book and a vintage science book that had all kinds of cool illustrations.

A collection of blue spirals made from wrapping paper.

Others made from books, atlas pages and the cookbook again.

Comic books, a dictionary, a kinda creepy kid's book with anthromorphic animals and the cool science book again.

And finally some Springtime-y ones made from more wrapping paper.

I'm hoping to scour some yard sales & thrift stores for more cool paper, it's a shame that usually some of my favorite paper turns out to be scraps from 30 years ago and needless to say is not to be found any more!

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