Monday, April 7, 2014

Hatch B Is Here!

We got 4 chicks out of Hatch B, all of the other eggs upon breakout were infertile, so it was a 100% hatch of fertile eggs!

First is Jellybean:



and finally, Pie:

We also brought Bug, who is broody, into the house so she could briefly see the chicks.  Bug grumped and growled and flared at Pumpkin who was the only one brave enough to approach her and immediately assumed the proper broody hen shape--spherical.

After a day or so to get strong enough, the new chicks were incorporated in with the older chicks and all are now getting along great.

Hatch C should be this Sunday the 13th...but as with the others, may well be early!  We may recruit Bug to be a mama for Hatch C & D, we'll see how it works out.  If we do, we'll have to partition off part of the brooder box since Bug would peck away the older chicks and we don't want anyone hurt.

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