Monday, April 28, 2014

Chili And Trees!

I got my last two Arbor Day Foundation trees today, yay!  I get to dig more holes, yay--wait...

One is a Downey Serviceberry destined for the back yard near the house, the other is a red maple and will go in the BACK back yard near the feed shed.  Both are much bigger than the 6 inch twigs that we got before, double yay!  I'm looking forward to actual visible landscaping from these two their first year.  A few of the other Arbor Day twigs are starting to bud & leaf out a bit already.

We went to a small local chili cook-off & craft fair here in town yesterday, we got to taste a bunch of different samples, most of which were pretty damned good.  We all love chili verde so we tended towards the green chili.  I only tasted two that were disappointing--one brown chili that was boring, the other a sample of what was clearly simply jalapeno-style Ranch Beans that had been dumped out of a can and heated.

But it was a lovely day, if a bit windy.  They had a whiteboard with the schedule for the day.  Clearly lettered by someone who was not a child of the 50's or 60's considering they had no idea how to spell Hula Hoop.  With the Shoot & Holler contest the challenge was to eat a chili, take a shot of tequila and then yell your loudest.  Unfortunately we left before it took place, but I can only imagine what that was like.

The barrow 'o booze was entertaining.
They were touting the fact that along with the booze you'd also win the straw and the wheelbarrow, which I'll admit I perked up my ears at.

They even wheeled it around the grounds selling raffle tickets.

Some of the chili booths had fun displays.  Most used these little campstoves to keep the chili hot.

I'm surprised this plate slipped through the censors at the DMV.  Nevada clearly has a more relaxed sense of humor than California does.

One of the craft booths was a hit with the kid because PUPPIES.

A whole box of squirming black lab pups, one of which chewed on her hair and thoroughy covered her in puppy spit.

The pinata for the little kids was, of course, in the shape of a chili pepper.  What else?

After that it was time to head home.  All in all a lovely day.

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