Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Baby Chick Update!

So here are updated pictures of all the chicks for 2014!

Oldest chicks first...the first two, Pumpkin and Alice, are from the feed store, the rest are all eggs that we hatched from our flock.

Pumpkin, the 6 week old Danish brown Leghorn.  Very sweet, calm and friendly, and VERY curious.  Determined to explore the house at all hours.

Trying to figure out how legs work...

Alice the 5 week old Barred Rock.  She was being an uncooperative little butthead during picture time.

BadMrFrosty, 4 weeks old.  I suspect a rooboy here, and he's getting some really interesting feathering.  Linc, our Barred Rock hen, might be his mama.

Cattywampus, 4 weeks old.  Getting some pretty spectacular foot feathering.  I suspect a light Brahma mama because of Wampus' long shanks.

NotASandwich, 4 weeks old.  Still a meatball on two toothpicks, quite the chunk.  Suspect a that mama is one of last year's white light Brahma mix hens.

Jellybean, 3 weeks old.  Or:  Eenie Meenie Jellybeanie, Screamin' Mimi or Jellybean the Drama Queen, as she is also known.  Screams like her little wings are being torn off whenever she is picked up for pets.

Jerk, another 3 week old.  Timid, refused to stand up and acted like we beat her with a rubber hose during picture time.

Patches, 3 weeks old.

Pie, also 3 weeks.  Very similar to Patches except more red and has a nifty design in her head feathers.

Now for the chicks that hatched two days ago!  All 4 had either Rose or Bug for mama--Rose is a full Americaunas, Bug is an Americaunas/Barred Rock/New Hampshire mix.

First is Cowbell.

'Needs more Cowbell!'

Ribbit.  Gray with a tiny snippit of red on top of her head.

Ratchet, practicing her 'so cute I can strike you down at 50 yards' look.

And finally, Buzzard.  Buzzard was trapped in her shell and had only pipped--then was unable to turn and unzip.  I had to unzip her shell for her a bit, then returned her to the incubator so she could finish draw down.  Once that was done I took the rest of the shell off of her and popped her out like a little biscuit.  She is just fine, she was just malposed in her shell and never would have hatched on her own.

So there we have our Baker's Dozen!

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