Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Clock Is Ticking...

The countdown to trimming the fluffbutts has begun.  In one week we remove everyone's dignity, and but good.  It's gonna be a total Shock and Awe campaign because I only want to have to do this once--I remember last year it took three shearings to accomplish our goal.

First His Majesty King Fluffy Pants, Weedcat...

 Yes, and YOU, Cam...

 And then the laying hens.
Because not much, ahh...business is actually getting done when Weeds and Cam get down to business--not all of the eggs I'm using when I cook are fertile.  So the Butt-Shearing Apocalypse commences next Saturday.

The old ladies who are out of lay and the banties escape this indignity--the banties since they don't grow enough buttfluff to interfere with fertility.  With everyone else we'll have to stock up on goodies to apologize with.


  1. How difficult is this task? I mean as far as 'blood' feathers go? Can't wait to see the photos! Best wishes to the chicken wrangler(s)!

    1. Blood feathers in quantity aren't usually a worry unless a bird is molting or is a youngster growing it's first suit of feathers. No one is molting right now and they've all had these feathers for months, but we are always careful because the real worry is accidentally clipping skin--they are so very fluffy that seeing where feathers stop and skin begins can be difficult. Mostly it'll be Angry Bird time with huge messy drifts of cut fluffy feathers floating about for the wild birds to line their nests with. Hopefully goodies will help soothe injured dignity...