Friday, February 14, 2014

Here Is Your Handicap...

So Chick the 3 year old light Brahma hen is inside for the next few days.  She has a bad back from last year's rooboys, and Cam the youngster roo this year is very taken with her and won't leave her alone...and he reinjured her.  So she's getting some rooster-free time in the house during the day for some R & R.

Tonight she decided that my husband was the place to roost, just like her sister, Burger did recently.  Except Chick outweighs Burger by a pound or two, she's HEAVY.

Then she noticed that he was trying to play a game on the xBox, and had to get involved--Immediate Chicken Supervision was clearly required here.

The shoulder perch would no longer do.
Hmmm....better, but he still has one hand free and isn't completely unable to concentrate on the game yet because of the 10 pound chicken balanced on his wrist.

There!  Now, silly human, make yourself useful and pet me.

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