Thursday, January 30, 2014

In Which Mother Nature And Fate Get Drunk And Prank Us

Around 3AM the snow started coming down, and by 10:30AM it looked like this.

It was beautifully fluffy, pretty and stuck well, the kid is probably sitting in school going insane.

Our starlings are after the dog food that is on that table under 7 inches of snow, snowplowing around on the lawn.  It's hilarious.  They do pose nicely in the tree across the street, though.

I lean out the back door and yell, 'HI CHICKENS!' and am rewarded with loud, plaintive, get-us-outta-here 'Bawk!  Bawk!  Bawk!' noises from everyone.  They clearly ain't diggin' the snow.

After I take this picture I wander back out to the kitchen to get some coffee.  We're looking out the back door, enjoying the scene.  Suddenly my husband comments on how the top of the small run--which we repaired *just* the other day--is sagging dangerously under the weight of the snow, something it wasn't doing less than 5 minutes ago.  I look.  Uh oh.  'We'd better get out there and knock that snow off--'


Ahhh...too late, haha.

So husband trucks himself out there, armed with a 2x4 to knock the snow down before something worse happens.

*BAWK BAWK BAWK* as he passes the coop.

He remembers not to stand under it.
It at least takes the weight off of the wire, even though it needs repair...again.  He says that actually the repair just done held, it ripped in the section next to it.


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