Friday, January 10, 2014

Happiness For Old Ladies

I was cleaning under the birdcages, and rather than vacuum up all the seed and have it go to waste, we brought Bear in for cleaning duty, which she happily did.

Afterwards I got into the frig to get her some spinach greens, she stuck her head right into the vegetable drawer and tried to help herself. She was planning on climbing INTO the drawer but I convinced her otherwise.

After stuffing herself like that, the only thing left to do was to jump up onto dad's lap while he played GTA and hunker down for a snooze.

Bear is our Head Hen and will turn 12 years old in about two months, and has an odd feather right in the middle of her back--instead of being one of her standard brown feathers with a black tip, it goes from black to white to brown.

She also is getting a smattering of white feathers on her head. Going gray, as it were. Old lady face, green spinach beak and all.

I was clearly bugging her when all she wanted to do was to sleep on dad's nice, warm lap, she could hardly keep her eyes open. Her beak is a bit overgrown since it's winter and she has been spending more time in the nice, warm coop with the other old ladies rather than foraging.  When you're an old lady anything 'nice & warm' is a GOOD THING.

Zonked out.

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