Monday, October 28, 2013

First Snow!

So we woke this morning to our first snow of the season.

It's always fun to watch this year's youngsters discovering snow for the first time, and since we had buttoned up the coop last night because of the wind & cold they hadn't seen it yet.  So we went out and let them all out of the coop.

The older chickens looked around with a 'Yeah, right.  This stuff again.' expression, but for the youngsters, confusion reigned.  There was much staring.

Doodad and Cam craned their necks to stare, then nibble.

Fred and Baba stared at the snow, while Bruce had a herp-derp moment with Chick and stared at her, for whatever reason.

Meeko came to the door of the coop, then firmly decided NOT to come out and retreated to the furthest reaches of the coop with the old ladies.

The kid swarmed into the coop and carried him out.

He wanted no truck with the strange white stuff and ran back in.

It's pretty, but we expect it all to be gone by noon.

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