Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dog Shaming...

The other day we were watching a craptacular Roger Corman chunk called 'Camel Spiders' on TV, mostly due to the fact that it was shot at the old abandoned ore processing plant at Owens Lake, in and around the Alabama Hills and several other sites (hello Ranch House Cafe!) along Highway 395 that we know.

During the movie the kid went and got a couple of her toys to entertain Dusty.

She was less than excited. Dog 'Meh'. So the kid upped the ante. This one at least earned a confused look.

And yes, my kid owns several giant insects, she loves them. No Barbies for her.

The expression here is mostly, 'Oh, is this a thing? Are we doing a thing? What the Hell is goin' on here, mom?'

...and then back to Dog 'Meh'.

In other news, Dusty managed to injure herself up under her tail, then chew the spot raw and would NOT leave the damned spot alone. Yeah, Cone Of Shame time.

Rather that a true cone which she no doubt would have used to knock everything off dog-level tables and destroy furniture, we went with a towel safely wrapped around her neck, it works very nicely to keep her from chewing her sore tail. She gets around, eats & drinks just fine with it, but is horribly embarassed by it.

Plus I got that 'Seriously...?' look out of her. Yup, 'fraid so Dusty, for now.

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