Thursday, November 1, 2012

Little-Known American Holidays...

For the benefit of people living outside the US, I thought I'd share one of our lesser-known holidays...

The annual Torture Of The Pumpkins!

First, introduce your Halloween jack-o-lanterns to a flock of suspicious chickens.

Your big, tough rooster will immediately run away screaming and hide in the coop for the next 10 minutes.

Hens, being more practical, approach cautiously...after all, it MIGHT be food!

Sooner or later, you just know that someone is gonna stick their head in one of the pumpkins...

...and Rose wins.

Not to be outdone, others quickly follow suit.

Zipper, with Bloop watching in confusion.

Pompadour is content with pecking out The Thing's eyes.

Gloria, the Brinkotter, goes at this 'eating' thing hammer & tongs while CM watches.

Sora and Pompadour are a bit concerned...

...and Pomps makes use of The Thing's eyeholes again, this time to watch her.

Bloop does, too.

As does Burger. Gloria was in there a long time.

After a while it got to be like some kind of weird 'stick-your-noggin-in-a-gourd' club.

It's hard to tell if the chicken is wearing the pumpkin, or the pumpkin is wearing a chicken. Sora, looking like a Christmas hat.


Chickens are so very predictably weird.


  1. Hysterical! Thanks for the chuckle this morning! Love your chickens - so many different varieties!

  2. Thanks! We love our weirdo chickens. :)