Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Dawn Of The Dead!

Got the kid all zombified for Halloween at school, which meant getting up 45 minutes early in order to get the makeup done in time.

I didn't realize it when I posed her for pictures, but with the sun coming up behind her I got an inadvertent 'Dawn of the Dead' thing, there.

Also, I used an old box to make some quick & dirty coffins for the yard!

I was able to get two from the one box, I want them to look like they are half-buried in the front yard and kinda heaved up out of the ground.

In place:

The paint job isn't the best, but it'll do for Halloween night. The lawn being all dead and weedy is actually coming in handy for Halloween.


  1. From naughtyaelf on LJ:
    Kid looks amazing! Excellent work. Nice job on the coffins too. How did it go? I handed out mini-cauldrons full of candy left over from my wedding reception and they were a big hit.

    1. We had ONE kid show up. ONE. *Grr....* Gotta get this neighborhood fired up for Halloween just like we did at the old place.