Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Origami Folds, Yay!

Two new folds that I've been working on, the first is a 50's style dress, this one is fun because the top can be altered to make it a sundress, off the shoulder, camp dress, etc. Lots of fun with my older papers and 50's style prints.

The second is more of a party-prom-ballerina dress in two parts, not as versatile a fold but it sure comes out pretty, and is very striking. Plus I finally found a great fold for my glitter paper!

Both were a bit tricky to master in parts, but once I got the fold down and practiced they came along swimmingly! Other new diagrams coming up soon are a worm, octopus and flower.

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  1. From naughtyaelf on LJ:
    those origami dresses are too cute for words! :3