Sunday, September 23, 2012

It's Dusty!

We'd promised the kid we'd get a dog when we moved...so here is our new family member--and our daughter's 13th birthday present--Dusty!

We found her on Craigslist, her owners (two ladies both named Jennifer) were moving and needed to rehome her. She is perfectly wonderful in every way--quiet, polite, well-mannered and housebroken. Dusty is a Cocker/Schnauzer mix--a 'Schnocker' according to the Jennifers. They were kind enough to leave her with us for a weekend to see how things went--we weren't sure how Dusty would react to the other animals and the chickens--but after an initial curious inspection, she disregarded them. Heck, she doesn't even go after the quail and other wild birds that walk around near her in the yard.

She knows she isn't allowed on the couch though, which prompted this expression when I took this picture:

The kid and dog are inseperable, Dusty has a special pillow to sleep on at night right next to her bed. The other night, after running around playing with the dog the kid flopped down on the living room carpet, dog in arms and sighed, 'Best birthday ever.'

Thanks, Jennifers! :)

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Another New Fold...

This time it's worms!

This one is mostly for the newer paper, it demands too much of the older, thicker paper and it tears it too easily. But it's a very simple fold. This one, with the addition of wings, might make a nifty butterfly model.

It also makes....
wait for it...


*i'm so sorry...*

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Origami Folds, Yay!

Two new folds that I've been working on, the first is a 50's style dress, this one is fun because the top can be altered to make it a sundress, off the shoulder, camp dress, etc. Lots of fun with my older papers and 50's style prints.

The second is more of a party-prom-ballerina dress in two parts, not as versatile a fold but it sure comes out pretty, and is very striking. Plus I finally found a great fold for my glitter paper!

Both were a bit tricky to master in parts, but once I got the fold down and practiced they came along swimmingly! Other new diagrams coming up soon are a worm, octopus and flower.