Thursday, February 9, 2012


On the subject of chickens, we're planning on having our annual event--Chickam--on Easter weekend in April--the 7th & 8th. We'll set the eggs in the incubator on March 17th and 21 days later should have chicks hatching! We haven't chosen the breeds we'll hatch yet, but I'd like some MilleFleur Belgian d'Uccles, plus some chicks from our own hens. Several folks around our neighborhood have chickens and sell eggs, so I may get some eggs from them to add to the mix. We'll be web broadcasting the hatch live, with sound, then we place the cam in the brooder box 24/7 for the following 8 weeks so you can watch the chicks grow up. It's been VERY popular in the past and is fascinating and educational for adults and kids alike! See my website for details, here, scroll down to 'Chickam':


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