Friday, October 14, 2011


More house-hunting photo treasures...this time the World's Scariest Bathroom!

This, mind you, was the master bathroom. Nice...

The turquoise toilet (and it's matching sink) was vintage 1950's and actually kinda cool--but needed a new seat, obviously. The shower and it's mold garden was also vintage and a right horror. Why the previous owners had chosen to lay nice slate tile on the floor yet LEAVE everything else is a mystery.

And I cannot explain the weird water shut-offs just outside the shower nor the odd wasted space they occupy.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    I just noticed this older post....
    I would trade you my gray-blue bathroom fixtures for those aqua ones in a heartbeat. I love aqua! :)

    Terrible plumbing job though. I bet the original aqua bathtub was thrown out.

    1. Re: I just noticed this older post....
      There was another bathroom in the house with a similar aqua sink, certainly of the same vintage--but alas, no matching toilet or tub.

      The last place we lived in was built in 1952 and had the original PINK tiles on the floor & up the walls, including the shower and fancy tile edging. It was awesome!

      I grew up in a house that had a BLACK toilet, sink and bathtub, the wallpaper was a black background with big pink/green roses--sounds hideous but it totally worked. Taking a bath in a black bathtub was the coolest thing ever, but damn, does black show every little bit of dirt! We were constantly cleaning those fixtures.