Saturday, October 15, 2011

High Pigeon Weirdness...

Pidge is developing some strange but amusing talents. This morning I came upon him thus:

He had made a little tunnel out of the newspaper we gave him to play with--he loves to tear it up and arrange it--and he was cooing softly. All I could see was his rear end sticking out.

When I tiptoed around and peeked, here's what I found:

He was cooing quietly at the peanut like he was telling it all his best secrets. Even when we laughed at him he just looked at us mildly and went back to his peanut-cooing.

Later on he had carefully adorned himself with newspaper shreds--notice the band around his chest and feet, too--and was proudly showing us his new look:

He's such a funny, happy, uncomplicated little soul, we love him!


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    Pidge is a frustrated fashion designer, perhaps? :)