Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today's Message...

...was written on a styrofoam plate in what appeared to be lipstick.

You see some interesting things driving around out in the country. People around here like to post their opinions a LOT.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    House hunting Suggestion
    Gotta love country living! I thought at first the note on the plate was directed at their kids. Like leaving out a note telling them their dinner was in the fridge. :=)

    I saw your tweet from a little while ago about how you can't decide on which house. Back when I was looking to buy a house, I kept lists of homes that included the pros/cons and notable features.

    I suggest photographing each potential house and then making a database or list of each home's features: good kitchen; wacky neighbors; water source; fences; barn/garage; number of rooms, pros/cons; etc., PLUS stuff you have to research like flood plain y/n; chickens allowed y/n; internet access y/n. A database with photos really helps you to keep the houses straight -- after a while, they all start to blend into each other.

    1. Re: House hunting Suggestion
      Thanks! This is just what we have been doing, and you are right, it helps a LOT. I still tend to get fuzzy on the details if we see more than a few in one day, though. Taking the camera along is a big help.

      We've got another one to see either today or tomorrow, it looks promising...!

      There is no shortage of weird signs out here, that's for sure. I also thought it was a reprimand from a mom to a teenager when I first saw it. :)