Monday, September 19, 2011

Not Perfect...But Better!

Well today we made inroads towards happier poultry by creating some temporary nests for them. We got some loose hay at the feed store, and rummaging around in the barn yielded a small red basket, a large wicker basket, an old tin washtub and a wooden pear crate--perfect!

No sooner had I installed them than they were thoroughly inspected. Phoenix looks on while Rambo awkwardly stands half in and half out of a nest, nibbling bits of the hay.

Then he just joins in while Rambo remains in her silly pose. Goofy birds.

Even Bear approves!

No eggs since the move, but I expected them to fall out of lay with such a drastic upheaval. Tomorrow we start creating an outdoor run for them, being in the barn all the time is a definite drag for them.


  1. From mandrill on LJ:
    *waves* This is Inveigle, btw. :=)

    I love your chicken photos! Is the Peepsquire in the bottom right of the last photo?

    1. Hiya! Yes, that is Peeps! Also in that pic on the far left are Burger (butt) and Rafel (with his head in the red basket).

    2. From mandrill on LJ:
      Hah! I thought that was Burger's fluffy butt! The 'babies' are so big now! :=)

      I hope that all of ya'll (humans, chickens, and other assorted critters) are doing okay. How's the house hunting coming along? I hope you can find something and get moved in soon.