Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weird Nesting Spot #...Oh I Give Up!

This morning the Spot Of The Day was the three spare trash cans I had stacked near the garage. Scott and Bug started it, with lots of pop-eyed, erect tail cackling on Bug's part as she perched on the rim of the can, shortly she was joined by Scott, who thought that a nasty trash can was the perfect choice over the lovely nest boxes where lush amounts of fresh straw waited. Pretty soon all this hollering and burbling attracted Bug's sister Voodoo, who climbed in and joined the unholy cacophony.

By the way, chickens cackling from inside a plastic trash can sounds really strange, and was hilarious.

By the time I got the camera one of the bantam hens had climbed in there, too, but sadly only Scott and Bug remained when I got out there. Scott giving me the 'Hey, YOU aren't supposed to know about this, no fair!' look:

Although for the life of me how he expected that this was 'stealthy' in any way with all that noise is beyond me. And here's Bug:

Bug and Scott both grumped off since I'd spoiled the surprise, but were back to it pretty much immediately. As I type this Bug is finally quiet, actually laying her egg in there now.

Geraldine, who was sunbathing after a breakfast of rose petals, smiled and took everything in stride.

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