Friday, May 27, 2011

Lordy, Someone Is Bucking For Hen Of The Month!

I was helping the kid gather eggs from the nest boxes tonight, as she drew this one out from under a broody hen she said in an awestruck tone, "Wow!" My reaction was 'Oh my GOD!' and to instantly check my hens to see if anyone had injured themselves producing this monster.

It is literally the size of a large goose egg, and for a minute I thought someone had slipped it in there for a joke.

Which does not belong?

We congratulated the girls & boys. I suspect that either Betty the buff Orp or Gloria the Brinkotter brewed up this beast. Yoya the Giant Cochin is broody and so isn't in lay, so she isn't a suspect. Despite all the drama by Bug & Scott the other day in that dumb trash can, it couldn't have been her since she lays green-blue eggs. Tomorrow morning for breakfast we'll crack it open, I'm willing to bet there are at least two yolks in there! Pity the incubators aren't running!

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